Well, today was the day for hike-in-camp. We started out the day by waking up at the great time of 6 am so we could make and eat breakfast by 7:20 am and get to the bus stops by 7:50. Once we got there, we had to wait for an hour for the buses to arrive to pick us up. They drove us up a little ways north to an area that was more “foresty” where we got off. My patrol got paired up with a group of people from Sweden, themselves! We hiked along a trail that ended up to be 12 km long and had 6 hours to do it in. We ended up with lots of extra time that we spent at the end and at lunch. During the hike, we were able to talk with the Swedish people and learned more about Sweden. One of then showed us this clover that you could eat…it tasted like a sour apple! They also picked a bunch of mushrooms that later, when we got back to camp, they cooked up and fed to us. They tasted great! We are hoping to have a dinner exchange with them sometime before we leave the jamboree. I’ll add a group photo of us together when I can get them off my camera.